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FLORA & FAUNA - Used stamp exchange

Hello  stamp collectors,
I am Rade Skaro from Croatia 60 years old stamps collector.
I am interested for used topics Flora & Fauna. Priority thematic: birds, dogs, cats,
marine life, butterflies and flowers from all over the world.
We can use 3 forms of exchange:
1. Selecting individual items  from the scans ( 80 – 250 stamps ).
My favorite way of exchange.
2. Stamp Exchanges by Michel Catalogue.
3. Shipping 200 – 500 stamps in package ( without the possibility of individual choice stamps ).
as a reserve.
I hope I can also  satisfy your requirements.
I offer for exchange more than 14 000 different stamps from Europe and around the world.
Also, I offer various topics.
My offer to stamp exchange by scans can be seen on my Picasa link:
I suppose you know the first rule of the serious stamp collector.
who contacted first, he first send stamps.
As soon as I receive your letter with stamps, I am sending to you on the basis of reciprocity,
the same amount and quality of the stamps from the countries selected for you.
If you are sending quality, I’ll send you quality.
Used for used, mint for mint, CTO for CTO – or 3 CTO for 1 used commemorative stamp,
definitives for definitives, commemoratives for commemoratives.
If you send garbage and damaged stamps, I will send you the same.
( in a catastrophic condition stamps will be returned back to the sender ).
Another request.
Can you put colorful stamps on envelope because
I collect nice envelope addressed on me too.
If you have any special requirements or terms, please let me know.
I expect a quality and honest exchange always on a reciprocal basis.
Please, contact me as soon as possible and respect the rules of correspondence.
I expect your scans, first shipment or a serious proposal or agreement.
My postal address:
Rade  Skaro
Trg A. Hebranga 7
22000  Sibenik
Best regards…………………….Rade